Where do I go?

Go to the main reception of the hospital and they will direct you to the Outpatients Department.
Please follow the links below for a map of the hopsital where you are to be seen by your Consultant:
Spire Hospital Bristol
Waterside Suite, Weston-super-Mare

Where will I see the doctor?

A nurse will show you to a seat near your Consultant’s consulting room. The consultant will call you in to his consulting room when he is ready to see you.

How long will the appointment last?

If it’s your first appointment to see your Consultant, the appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. If you have to attend a follow-up appointment, this will last for around 15 minutes.

What happens during the consultation?

Your Consultant will take a full medical history from you and ask you about your current symptoms. 

He will ask you questions about whether you take any medication or suffer from any illnesses. (It may be an idea to take your medication along or write down the name if you are taking any).

He may look in your ear, nose or throat or perhaps feel your neck, depending on why you are seeing the Consultant. He may also look up your nose or down your throat with a little camera called a ‘nasendoscope’. Your consultant may feel you need a hearing test in which case you will be asked to make an appointment with the Audiologist.

What happens if I need an MRI/CT/X-ray/Ultrasound?

Your consultant will fill out a pink card for the X-ray Department, instructing them as to which scan you require. You can then make an appointment directly with the X-ray Department to pop back and have your scan, at a convenient time for you. The results will be sent directly to your Consultant within 7-10 days of your scan. It is best to make a follow-up appointment to see him approximately 14 days after your first appointment to ensure the results have been returned to him.

What if I need to have an operation?

You will be asked to contact Jason (0117 973 4111), who will arrange a date for your operation with you, and talk to you about how to prepare yourself for the operation. At this point, Sharice will ask whether you are insured or self-funded. If you are insured you will need to provide your insurance details.

The hospital will then contact you directly with regards to payment for the procedure and the final details about your admission.

I am insured, what should I now tell my insurance company?

You should inform your insurance company (before your consultation) that you are planning to see a Consultant. They will issue you with a claim form that you will need to fill out. Some parts of the claim form may need to be completed by the Consultant. If this is the case, take it with you to your initial consultation or post it afterwards.

If you need to have an operation, we will provide you with a code for the operation that your insurer will need in order to pay the bill.

They may also need other details such as the time and date of the operation, who anaesthetist will be and length of stay at the hospital. We can provide you with all this information.

I am paying for my treatment myself. Will I need to provide a credit card?

Your Consultant will bill you directly to your home address. This invoice will be for his fee only. This invoice is payable by cheque to the Consultant.

If you have an operation, the hospital will collect the fees. This is called an ‘inclusive care package’. They will collect the full amount and pay the surgeon and anaesthetist on your behalf. One follow-up consultation is included in this price. Any subsequent consultations will be billed for.

Payment options

We accept payments via Worldpay

Refund Policy

We accept refunds within 30 days.

Transaction Currencies

We only accept payment in GBP.

We accept the following cards:



Who do I contact if I have problems after the operation?

You can either contact the nurses at the hospital or during working hours, contact Jason (0117 973 4111), who will either offer you a follow-up appointment, or If it’s an urgent issue, contact your Consultant on your behalf to ask his advice.

So, I now feel much better, but what if I need to see the Consultant again in the future?

You can always make a follow-up appointment to see your Consultant again, whether it’s because you are worried about previous symptoms or you have a new symptom that your GP feels needs to be checked out. Just give the appointments line a ring to book yourself in (0117 973 4111).

All our contact details and direct line numbers are on the Contact page of this website. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or queries.